Come on you boys in green!! This is our new ralling cry. After many left our ranks from the numerous supporters groups around we merged with the loyal of the others and created a new breed. The Saint Louligan. The Army itself brought some of our own flair to it and we are still trying to promote the love of the game and help it grow in our amazing city. Check them/us out at any game or event and you can see that the movement is alive and well and we will bring pro soccer to STL. They also have a very up to date facebook page and website for more information.

Please help us support our new team the St. Louis Lions! Please visit them at After the fall of our beloved Athletica we turned our eyes to the men’s side AC St. Louis. After their fall (which I won’t be getting into) we found a permanent home with the Lions. They are on their 7th season and really appreciate us being there.



We are the first Supporters Group for the St. Louis Womens Professional Soccer team, Athletica. From chanting to drumming, singing to streamers, we will be the 12th (wo)man and give our ladies the best support we can.

This may be a women’s league, but we want fans of all ages (and genders). This isn’t the WUSA with screaming 12 year olds; this is top flight soccer with some amazing players.

We will be sitting in Section 20 at Soccer Park. Tickets can be purchased at

We sit in section 20

We sit in section 20

How we got started::

This group was born out of a desire to cheer on this team with the highest amount of passion available. I (president) wanted to start one since I first heard that a team was coming. I started sending out messages on boards and on forums to no avail. One day in November, I got a call from the owner of the team. He had heard that I wanted to start a group and wanted to let me know that they would help any way they could and were really excited that there was fan support. It gave me the support I needed (mentally) to get off my butt and say, “If no one else is going to do this… I’m going to do it myself…”

One day in November, I met with the President of the team and gave them some ideas and launched this thing. The team granted me a spot in the stands and told me that tailgating would be encouraged… with that info I launched a facebook page and started getting members from my friends and those off bigsoccer. I then started to expand and got a myspace page launched. We had a meeting or two and voted on the name Laclede’s Army. From there a logo was made and we launched ourselves full force and grew our facebook membership from 80 to around 415. We’ve traveled around bars to meet members and are working on getting the group to be as big and loud as possible.

I feel like communicating with the team not only helps us, but helps us get an advantage on things such as tickets and tailgating. I would like to say, however, that this group is in NO way ran by the club. It is out of my own mind (and wallet).

Thanks for the interest in Laclede’s Army! Stand, Chant, and Be Counted!!

-Elizabeth – President.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Jason said

    Love it!!!!
    I was thinking of something along those lines, but for ALL of St. Louis Soccer (including the Athletica.) I haven’t seen anything like it in St. Louis. Things are taking a while to set up the structure, but we want to do this right. I hope we will be seen soon. My vision is to stand next to Lacledes Army at Athletica Games, SLU supporter at their games, SIUE, etc. Many parts to make up the whole… an Ultra support group for The Beautiful Game in St. Louis.

  2. scoop88 said

    Are there any fan groups forming for AC St. Louis? If so, do you have any contact info? Thanks.

    • Laclede's Army said

      There are a few out there. The oldest is Eads Brigade. If you wish to talk to other fans about the men’s team you can go to and look under the NASL forum. There you will fing other fans and more information. Thanks.

  3. Elizabeth,

    I really like how LA has matured this season. Even in the downpour on the 25th, there you were.

    It is making a difference.


  4. Mike Gaire said

    Liz, sincere condolances on the demise of our beloved St Louis Athletica, I know this was a terrible blow to you personally and my heart goes out to you. Very much looking forward to seeing you at the next AC St Louis game and I will be looking for a big hug from my favorite green bra girl! God Bless. Mike. Blackpool and AC TILL I DIE!

  5. Mike said

    Hey Liz, great to have met you over at Amsterdam over the weekend. I know you’re probably out of town now (The orange juice state eh?) but I just wanted to give ya a Holler from one Soccer fan to another in the LOU!!! Hope to see you and other Fans of the Beutifal game soon!

  6. Hello,
    We would like to introduce you to our NEW outside soccer fields.
    Great for practice and play!
    Jewish Community Center
    #2 Millstone Campus Drive
    Randi Poscover

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