Just in case anyone would like to see some old things at only Athletica times.



Get your Laclede’s Army season tickets for only $115 and receive a shirt and membership card. That’s a savings of $15! With the supporters group ticket you will also receive the perks of the club tickets. The membership card will get you into a member’s only meet and greet with the team for supporters group members. To get this deal please email us at lacledesarmy@gmail.com with your shirt size, phone number, and how many tickets you are wanting. I will contact the team and they will take care of the payment. Shirts will be available at the first game, or our next meeting after they come in (whichever is first).

If you have already purchased season tickets we ask that you e-mail the team and let them know you are part of the army. This will help our numbers tremendously. By registering with the team you will receive a membership card free. More details about the card below.

We are ordering shirts this year. $15 Adult S-XL and $12 Youth M-L. 2XL can be ordered for $16. Reserve yours now by sending us an e-mail @ lacledesarmy@gmail.com. Shirts will be ordered in a week and I want to make sure there are enough of the sizes to go around. They are the logo on grey shirts.

More scarves will be ordered this year also. They will be $15 like last year and the same design. E-mail us to reserve yours today.

Become an official member for $5. Cards will be available at games and events and will get you into a member’s only meet and greet with the supporters groups. More details will be available later but players from AC Saint Louis and Athletica will be there.

10 weeks until the first kick, (Sorry SOL)




Hello Army!!

The season is right around the corner and I’d like to give everyone some updates as to what is happening in the Army and for the Athletica.

We recently met up at the season ticket holder selection party and had a great time. Some photos of it are posted on the group page.

Quick randoms – Fox Football Fone-in will have some WPS flair on its Thursday show from the NSCAA convention starting at 6pm (ct). Please take some time to watch the show and send in your questions to show them that we are watching and would like them to show more WPS related things.

If you have any pictures or videos of the Army in action, please post them to our Facebook group. We really appreciate getting photos of us together.

Congratulations to our Director of Espionage and Information Search, Kevin, who is featured on the WPS homepage as an expert for the prediction of the draft. You can find the article here: http://www.womensprosoccer.com/Home/news/press_releases/100112-wps-draft-predictions.aspx

Tickets – Season tickets are on sale now! We will be sitting in section 20 again this year so goal-line tickets are all you need. Visit www.saintlouisathletica.com for more details. If you order tickets for section 20 please let them know when you order that you are sitting with Laclede’s Army. I will also hopefully have some more news to give out about discounted individual tickets soon.

Scarves – We are out of scarves right now but we will have more for the first game of the season. If you would like to reserve a scarf, please let us know. We are still undecided as to the design, whether it should be the same as last year or a new one. If you have an opinion, please let us know.

Parking – As of now there are a lot of talks as to what to do with the parking situation. Everything from where the overflow parking will be to allowing big tailgating is being discussed. I will let you know for sure when I hear from the team but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we will be able to do bigger tailgating before the game.

Being loud – We have more drums than ever this year and are always looking for more ways to be loud. Bring your noisemakers and signs to the stands and be ready for the best season yet. We already have in the works another flag and a big banner thanks to 2 members.

Chicago Road Trip – We will be driving up to Chicago again this year for the game Saturday, April 17th. More details to come later but please save the date and consider making the trip up there this year to support our ladies in green. We left last year around noon and were back around 1am so it’s not that long of a trip and it’s a blast to see another stadium and crash all of their fun with the sea of green.


I hope everyone is getting excited for another great season! If you would like any more information please send me a message; I love talking about the upcoming year.

Peace and Soccer,

Elizabeth White
President – Laclede’s Army


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